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designed & developed this website myself using ReactJs, THREE.js, Bootstrap, Font Awesome, Git, Github, Github Pages, Sublime Text & Salt & Vinegar Kettle Cooked Chips

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Miletus, Crypto Arbitrage Trading Software - 2020

Custom software using React & Javascript. Draggable & Resizeable components. Customizeable personal dashboard. My crown jewel project :)

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LiveBet - Spring 2019

Designed website, iOS application and business model for a blockchain sports betting startup that we decided to put away due to Covid-19.

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Nittany AI Challenge 3rd Place - Fall 2019

Participated in an AI challenge (solo team) at HackPSU (Penn State university-wide public Hackathon, 1000+ attendees)

The Java software for first responders and local governments scrapes social media by hashtag or a list of residents, scans the images uploaded which can be sorted by date, uses AI to evaluate what's going on in the pictures, sends the data from Google Cloud Platform to MongoDB Atlas, and then sends the data to the Java application to be viewed by the user. The iOS phone application allows residents to see local news stories quickly, request items, request assistance, see if other neighbors are meeting up, and see who else needs help and if they can help themselves.

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Consistency is the most important heuristic in my UI/UX design. I mainly focus on Ease-of-Use.
Innoblue Website - 2019

Custom website using HTML, CSS, Javascript, Git & Github.

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TRON Blockchain Smart Contract - Summer 2019

Developed smart contract (Solidity, JS) to allow users to swap Loopring’s NEO blockchain coin (LRC), traded at a volume of $5k-$50k USD/day, for Loopring’s TRON blockchain coin (LRN)

Designed some event posters and social media images

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AntEater, Shanghai Hackathon - Summer 2019

Web application that scanned business websites (looking for keywords) using AI to find the best B2B customer for business. I created it with 2 other teammates using Python & Javascript. It was at a Hackathon I found; joined a random team at in China while studying abroad. I designed the front-end/logo and presented the project.

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design process:

analyze problem being solved, find user goals and their challenges with similar software

create user personas to better understand the potential customer

create wireframes, mock-up, do some usability testing

research the appropriate development language, necessary tools and scope of using said tools

begin development

Workshop Host - Spring/Fall 2019 | Spring 2021

3 time guest speaker, hosted "Intro to Blockchain Development" on how to make an Ethereum smart contract using Solidity on Remix, one on "Intro to iOS Development", another on "How to Code & Deploy an NFT"

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Park Ranger Manager - Fall 2018

1st place winner in Hackathon (HackPSU). iOS application using Swift, Adobe XD & Xcode.

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